CA0443 18th century Grand Tour Cabinet Bronze of the Crouching Venus

Elegant 18th century early Grand Tour patinated cabinet bronze of the 'Aphrodite of Doidalses' or 'Crouching Venus', the goddess of love. Depicted crossing her arms in an attempt to conceal her nudity as she appears on land immediately after her birth, borne there by the shell. Celebrated in antiquity and a model for artists of the Renaissance, this iconographic image has been copied many times with small variations throughout history. This version most closely resembles the Medici example in Florence on display in the Tribuna of the Uffizi. Reductions of this version were sold in 18th century Rome by Neoclassical founders Giacomo Zoffoli and Francesco Righetti. Similar versions can be seen in the Louvre, Paris; the Museo Nazionale delle Terme, Rome; the Vatican Museums, British Museum and the Royal Collection. Mounted on its original rare Lapis Lazuli veneered block base. Small casting fault to the hand.

H 16.5cm x W 11cm x D 8.5cm

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Price: £3,200

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