CA0495 Important Late 19th Century French Portrait painting

Fine, very well painted and possibly important portrait painting of a sitter in late 18th century dress, possibly of the French actor Paul Mounet (1847-1922). Mounet was famously painted as a young actor by the French artist Louis-Maurice Boutet de Montvel (1850-1913). The canvas stretcher is stamped '8 HARDY ALAN'. Hardy Alan were the leading Parisian supplier of canvases and artists' colours to many of the important established artists in Paris between 1862-1933. Their regular customers included Fantin Latour, Whistler, John Singer Sargent and his teacher, Charles Auguste Emile Durand, known as Carolus-Duran (1837-1917). Carolus-Duran worked with and was an influence on the works of Louis-Maurice Boutet de Montvel. Perhaps consequently this portrait has distinct similarities to both artists. Paul Mounet was known to Montvel and probably Carolus-Duran who after 1870 specialised in portraits. As with many paintings it is unsigned or reduced in size to fit the frame and therefore a bit of an enigma. We feel this is such an accomplished piece it has to be by one of these two painters and not in the 'manner of'. Mounted in an early 19th century French Empire period frame. Paris, circa 1900.

Painting: H 43.5cm x W 36cm
Frame: H 55cm x W 47.5cm x D 6.5cm


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