CA0648 Rare Institute of Egypt member's silver smallsword

Extremely rare early 19th century French Empire period silver smallsword for a member of the famous 'Institute of Egypt' set up soon after the Battle of the Pyramids in Cairo by Napoleon during the Egyptian campaign and modeled on the National Institute of France. On their return to France in 1801 the members of the institute adopted a uniform that included a smallsword designed by Nicolas-Noel Boutet at Versailles. The originals were made in gilt bronze for the founding members in Cairo. The versions made on the return to France were silver. Within the general design small variations are often seen. This is an early version with the correct silver poincons dating it to post 1805. Straight doudle edged blade engraved with floral motifs and marked with a 'W’ for Jean Guillaume Weyersberg which dates this sword to circa 1825.

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Price: £3,500

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